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Falling object cases are easier to win than slip and fall cases because:

1. Clear fault. The plaintiff is rarely negligent.

2. Sudden and serious. The incident is usually traumatic because it happened quickly and without warning. The injury is also frequently painful and serious.

3. Sympathetic jurors. Jurors consider falling-object plaintiffs unfortunate victims of circumstances over which they had no control.

The following items are helpful to the analysis of a falling-object case:

1. Photograph or diagrams. Created a drawing or picture showing the exact position of you and the object prior to fall.

2. The object. A sample or photograph what fell will be useful evidence.

3. Inspections. Did any responsible party or employee inspect or have an opportunity to inspect the area prior to the incident?

4.  Warnings. Were any warning signs present prior to the incident?

5. Prior incidents. Has anyone else been hurt by a falling object on those premises?

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