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Four key issues are present in most inadequate security cases:

1. Did the property owner or manager have actual or constructive notice of the potential harm to you, the victim of the crime?

2. Was the crime foreseeable?

3. Was the crime preventable?

4. How many, if any, prior similar crimes have taken place at the same location?

Getting more specific, if the crime occurred in a residential setting such as apartment or condominium complex, did the property owner or manager...

1. Negligently hire or retain a violent employee?

2. Fail to repair a lock, fence,light or other security device that could have protected you?

3. Have an opportunity to warn you of potential danger?

4. Fail to maintain or provide security measures that are required by the terms of your lease?

If the incident occurred at a commercial establishment, like a restaurant...

1. Was the lighting sufficient?

2. How many other criminal acts have place at that location?

3. Should security cameras have been available?

4. Were employees trained to deal with potential assaults? Did they have the opportunity to head off or defuse the situation?

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