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Posted by Lauren Beck | Feb 13, 2019 | 0 Comments

As a practicing attorney in the field of personal injury (and for many years criminal law) I have had the benefit and privilege of meeting and representing clients from all walks  of life and all ages.

In coming into contact with people of various cultures, I continue to be consistently exposed to: new ideas and alternative perspectives and view points on life strategies for career opportunities. One thing I have concluded is the trait that all folks share in common is we all have talent, different life experiences and our own interests and preferences in how we choose to enjoy spending our "free time." I have often wondered how a person comes to decide on how to approach selecting a specific job for a life time work career.  Sometimes this choice appears as if they selected the job when they were "unconscious" and just fell into and not something they deliberatly and personally proactively selected.  Other times a family member may have had a business and influenced their children to enter into the family business upon graduation from high school or college.  In order to be an "independent thinker," I believe an individual must take their own initiative and investigate "on their own' the different kinds of jobs or businesses that exist.  Perhaps you have a curious interest in learning about an occupation.  Where could or should you begin?  Any ideas? I suggest keeping a journal and writing down the thoughts as the thoughts come to mind especially if you are unsure as to what direction you want to take with your life.Think about how you like to spend your free time and is there a way to make money doing that in some kind of job capacity or business equivalent. Is there a hobby you have always admired others doing, but presently you do not do but would find a challenge and something interesting and fun to learn? One way is to check out Adult Education Programs offered at High Schools that provide interesting, informative and an exciting learning experience.  Further, these classes are very "inexpensive!"  Whether it's woodworking, drawing, cooking, painting or quilt making (how about a foreign language) you are doing something constructive, building a skill and learning something new that is outside your comfort zone. Wouldn't it be nice to learn something new that can help you feel more accomplished, self-fulfilled and confident? As a lawyer, creative thinking is important especially in representing clients in legal matters.  I find the benefit in continuing to learn something new (like a hobby or skill) get's a person out of their comfort zone,invigorates, and stimulates creative thinking and its enjoyable moreover it's fun!  Who knows maybe this could lead to a new direction, new opportunity and even a new career.

Lauren Winer-Beck

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Lauren Beck

PERSONAL INFORMATION I was born in Bridgeport, Connecticut and raised in Fairfield, Connecticut.  I have studied ballet, jazz and dancing since I was 3 years old and pursued this hobby with great passion. As a  dance enthusiast, I very much enjoy the visual arts as well,  including watercolor p...


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