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Posted by Lauren Beck | Jan 04, 2019 | 0 Comments

We all know people who have applied for social security disability benefits been denied and are scratching their heads as to what they should do next.

The first step after the initial application is denied by the social security administration is to apply for a reconsideration to the same the people who denied the application in the first place.  This usually does not go well and is practically a rubber stamp of the initial denial of the application. 

The next step once you lose the reconsideration is to appeal your matter to an Administrative Law Judge ("ALJ") for a hearing. 

This is where the skills of an experienced Attorney can be quite valuable and beneficial in preparation for the hearing in front of the  ALJ.

The Attorney will assemble your social security file and present all relevant and material documentary evidence to the ALJ for review. An experienced Attorney knows exactly what information to present to the ALJ to maximize your chances to win the hearing and get your benefits.

At the hearing in front of the ALJ, one of the most popular questions that will be asked of you by the ALJ is "what do you do all day with your time?"  Other questions the ALJ may ask is "can you lift a half gallon of milk?," or "can you pour a cup of tea?," or how much time you spend on social media, emailing and texting your friends in a day.  The ALJ has a right to ask these very intelligent questions to determine whether you can work at any job in the national economy or whether you are a person of leisure or a malingerer i.e. one who pretends to be ill or injured to avoid responsibility or work. The experienced Attorney will sit with you and go over these questions and other questions most likely to be asked by the ALJ at the hearing.

In the end the social security application process  can be frustrating, time consuming and may take a couple of years.  You need an experienced Attorney to guide you thru to the finish line in getting the benefits you deserve.

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Attorney Lauren Winer-Beck

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