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Posted by Lauren Beck | Mar 16, 2019 | 0 Comments

What a shame about the admission test scores that were fraudulent to help the children of wealthy and prominent celebrities get into prestigious Colleges and Universities.

Lately everyone is talking about it.  How could celebrities get involved in such a scheme?  They of all people just did not need to ever do such a thing because they have plenty of money to support their family and they of all people could have done it right and hire a tutor for their precious child.

Now they are arrested and in Federal Court, of all places to be, with serious criminal charges against them.

I think that a lot of the motivation behind getting involved in the test score scandal is the ego and status of the parents. Naturally a parent wants the best education for their child, but the work to get into school is on the child to work hard and study books and be a diligent worker and become a productive citizen in our society. 

The  parents  instead should have instilled a work ethic on the child instead of some easy path and short cut they ultimately took in this sad case.

The rich celebrities had the means for tutors, books and preparation programs to prepare their children to take the SAT and ACT College preparatory tests. This did not have to happen.     If the children had studied hard throughout high school they would have been able to get into a good College on their own.

Even if the children were average students, they would have been better off going to a Community College  then to have their parents get arrested to make it easy for them to get into a good College.

I blame the celebrity parents.  It is all about their vanity, ego and status and showing off to "keep up with Joneses" or even out doing them. Rarely do trust fund babies get far in life as spoiled children do not have a work ethic and you "can't teach hungry" to a leisurely and  lazy  child whose preoccupation is too many parties and too many vacations and not enough work and study and not enough dedication to their academics.  

Lauren Winer Beck

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