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Posted by Lauren Beck | Dec 10, 2018 | 0 Comments

There are major differences between a standard automobile crash and a big rig trucking accident case involving 2 motor vehicles colliding with one another.

First of all the difference in the size of a monstrous big rig truck for a small car is overwhelming based upon the sheer weight and tonnage of the truck and the severe impact to a little car.  Further, the consequences can be "catastrophic" and even "fatal" especially to the driver and passenger of the small car where there is serious impact upon collision.

In holding the commercial motor carrier responsible for damages, The Plaintiff's Attorney must be well versed in understanding issues such as Federal regulations, theories of fault, all the possible Defendants and preserving issues so there is no spoilage of evidence.

In addressing what specific laws the truck driver violated and when the company owner who owns the big rig violated the laws, the Plaintiff's Attorney must know who to sue and on what grounds i.e. legal theories.

Sometimes the driver of the big rig may have taken their eyes off the road while "texting" or talking on the cell phone.  A more common issue with big rig drivers causing accidents  is driver fatigue or "falling asleep at the wheel." Driver fatigue usually occurs because the truck driver must be on tight schedule to bill more hours to make more money for his company and himself.  

The cause of the crash could be for a multitude of reasons.  Whatever the reasons for the crash the initial steps taken to preserve evidence after the crash are crucial and essential to be undertaken by a Plaintiff's Attorney.   These steps include photographs of the accident, speaking to witnesses, locating and viewing the GPS systems that are in the trucks. Therefore, I suggest if such a crash occurs to you or a family member hire an Attorney right away do not delay  as preservation of evidence is crucial.

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