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Posted by Lauren Beck | Apr 10, 2020 | 0 Comments

Throughout history, there was always a crisis one after another throughout the ages.

Whether an economic upheaval like a recession, depression, war, flu or famine.

Such crisis' come and Go Away! Our ancestors who built America, worked through these problems, solved them and built America!! Some of them even built a fortune or invented machines to progress mankind.

I often wondered how people of past generations used their wits to survive such events. What did they do, how did they do it, what were their mindsets?  Were they afraid and how did they emotionally handle the uncertainty of their dark moments and conquer their fears?

How did they cope with the gravity of the situation and find peace within themselves, even comfort and joy?  Well some of them coped better than others.  They had spiritual faith in God and remained hopeful for a bright future and made the best of it. They did whatever they could to get thru the tough time.

With adversity, it is possible to discover a latent talent within themselves later developing this new found talent into a new interest,hobby or even a new business like a "side hustle."

If you are stuck home because of unemployment and feet that this is a catastrophe and terrible think up ideas that come to your mind that you can do at home. Maybe it could be a blog or online business of some sorts. What about cooking as recipes online these days and information is available for the search. Research the Occupational Handbook online and see what career choices peak your interest. I bet there are plenty of career choices you never even knew existed in the Occupational Handbook. Keep an open mind and spend thirty minutes or more scrolling and reading through this amazing career source encyclopedia that most folks never knew existed.

These are tough times for most people throughout the world and no one goes unscathed.  One thing is for certain and that there is more free time that has been available in years especially for those of us who worked full time and had families and relatives to care for and they care for us.

I urge you to use this time "wisely." Don't let any of it go to waste!

Here are some proposed ideas for you to consider in how to use this new found time:

1. Write a poem on a topic you feel strong about and do it just for the heck of it.

2. Write a song. This is for of you musicians no matter what you play for an instrument and if your good or not, who cares just write the song i.e. lyrics, music etc. and do it for sake of it.

3. Write a song even if you are not a musician and do it for the sake of it.

4. Make a small meal (something old or new it does not matter) just for the fun of it by reading a recipe first, and don't burn down the house.

5. Spark your creative juices by coloring, painting or drawing a picture, and see if the experience is positive for you.

6. Call your relatives and friends and ask how they are doing especially if you are on speaking terms as this is a kind gesture!

7. Lastly, clean the house, exercise and write out a list of your ideas for when the pandemic ends and everything returns back to normal you are ready for opportunities that are available because you created them.

Stay Safe Lauren Winer Beck. Attorney at Law. 

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Lauren Beck

PERSONAL INFORMATION I was born in Bridgeport, Connecticut and raised in Fairfield, Connecticut.  I have studied ballet, jazz and dancing since I was 3 years old and pursued this hobby with great passion. As a  dance enthusiast, I very much enjoy the visual arts as well,  including watercolor p...


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