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Posted by Lauren Beck | May 01, 2020 | 0 Comments

Julia Child- the late famous French Chef and TV personality and cook book writer once said "it is important to find a passionate calling in life." 

In my quest to learn to cook via reading the Art of French Cooking and other Julia Child cook books, I found out just how ponderous of life Julia Child was when she was teaching American women to cook when she was stationed with her husband in Paris, France  after world war II and made this comment in one of her cook books.

Well, as a personal injury lawyer and dealing with many people and problems in the personal injury world, it appears that many people in this world never found a passionate calling in life especially a cool hobby, job or career. Why so?

Well, to find a passionate calling, one has to look for a passionate calling.

A passionate calling is the doing of a job, career or hobby that one has a mission in life to pursue that speaks to their heart and arouses their desire to do it not for money but for the love of it.

My advice during the this Pandemic is to black out time for yourself and search your own mind and soul to find that which peeks your interest and come up with an idea for a new job or hobby. Perhaps you could pull out a recipe and try to make a nice dinner for your family. Maybe you will find a new skill or interest because you tried to do something different from your everyday regular routine. 

Another idea is to read and research the Occupational Outlook Handbook published by the department of Labor. The Occupational Handbook can be found online.

The Occupational Handbook lists all occupations A thru Z that exist(mostly) and the criteria for entering the field, educational requirements, starting salary, work entailed and growth in field.

Maybe there is an idea in this Occupational Handbook that will trigger "a passionate calling," as Julia Child calls it, and you to will find your passionate call because you looked for it!!!

Stay well and safe.

Lauren Winer Beck, Esq.   

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