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Posted by Lauren Beck | Apr 25, 2020 | 0 Comments

Many of us during the Pandemic are going through a culture shock and quite frankly do not know what  can do to confront the challenges of this economic slow down.  So I sat down and thought about things anybody can do no matter what your financial situation is right now.

1. Don't panic!  Have faith and be calm during the Pandemic. It will pass.  Meanwhile stay calm and positive you can handle any adversity that comes your way with courage and faith you will do the right things. Remain open minded and adaptable, see the light at the end of the tunnel!!!

2. What work can you do at home? Make a list and begin doing work asap.  Set priorities.  The first priority is doing work that will generate revenue now and when the crisis ends and the government opens the economy. 

3. Cook at home and make your own food.  Eating takeout can get expensive, especially every night.  Make a menu of foods you enjoy and start cooking now.  You will preserve your cash and save tons of money!!! Perhaps each adult family member of the family can take turns making meals and as a family organize a menu for the week. 3 meals a day.  There should not be empty pizza boxes sitting in your trash can because you do not cook.  Learn how to cook-watch you tube and there are online recipes.

4. Check out government loans and programs see what you are eligible for in terms of grants and loans. Stay current with the news so you know what is going on.

5. Phone your friends, relatives and customers.  Make sure they are surviving.  Keep communication open.

6. Sit down and write a plan for what you want to do in your life for next five years. You certainly have the time to do this.

7. If you have your own business, work every day or at least part of the day(except the Sabbath if you are religious) and keep the momentum going. Do whatever you can do by way of Zoom, email, social media, texting and phone conversations. Your hard work will make a difference when the economy opens up and you will survive and flourish.

"Never give up!!!" Winston Churchill

"When the going get tough the tough get going" Robert Schuller

This is no time for sitting around and crying in your soup. There is work to be done. Face your problems, handle adversity, and keep on keeping on as this too shall pass and life will go on as usual!!!

Stay safe, Lauren Winer Beck, Attorney at law 

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